Friday, October 07, 2005

Miers and my Spaghetti Spine

I never realized just how little I can think on my own. Someone, please, help me decide. Tell me what to think. Krauthammer says nay and Sowell says yea.

Chuck: To nominate someone whose adult life reveals no record of even participation in debates about constitutional interpretation is an insult to the institution and to that vision of the institution.

Tom: But ideal was probably never in the cards, given the weak sisters among the Republicans' Senate "majority."

Why is Bidge...

signing with his left hand? (left-hand column, half way down, "Photo galleries: Game 2," photo #3)

SSJ ignored...

by the NYT. Beldar too. Althouse and Volokh made it.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Harriet Miers as a "trial lawyer"

Robert Novak writes today that Harry Reid "praised [Miers] . . . a lot for being a 'trial lawyer' - no encomium in the GOP."

Without looking up the meaning of "encomium," I'm sure the point that Novak is making is that "trial lawyers" are hailed byDemocrats and despised by Republicans.

Reid and Novak are perpetuating a common misuse of the term "trial lawyer" and a misapprehension about what they do. Beldar addressed this topic early on and perhaps can do so again.

Courtland Milloy on Bennett

Courtland Milloy (who apparently writes a metro column for the Washington Post) makes an interesting observation today. He cites these stats: black women accounted for 32 percent of the abortions performed in the US in 2002, while making up only 13 percent of the female population; and half of all pregnancies in DC ended in abortion, a higher percentage than in any state. Then he says this:

"No outcry over that because those were just disposable fetuses, right?

"That is, until Bennett spoke of aborting 'black babies,' and suddenly those fetuses become precious pre-born black people who must be saved from the evil Dr. Bill."

As an aside, what has been lost in this kerfuffle is the fact that Bennett is adamantly pro-life, against all abortion no matter the color of the baby.


And here I thought Hewitt was being something of a Chicken Little for all the squawking he was doing about avian flu. Turns out he might be right. The 1918 pandemic, one of history's worst, was a bird flu.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If Miers is second or third string...

then I'm the very definition of chopped liver. Wish I could take credit for that but one of the Directors of my law firm (a lib) said it this morning as we made coffee.

Also really take offense at the mud slung at SMU...and I'm a UT guy who had to live through the humiliation of the era of Eric Dickerson and Craig James (even if they were cheaters).

Many thanks to Beldar's Blog for applying a salve to my sore feelings...

Beldar sets the record straight on a lot of the aspersions cast on the latest nominee. Sheesh, I thought I had thicker skin.