Friday, February 01, 2008

a fear about Romney

I know it goes against his "executive" experience but one thing I fear is that he'll be a micro-manager like President Carter. I'd prefer it if he had half a dozen key issues that he insists upon (of course, so long as most of them coincide with mine).

I'm coming to believe that this is the most we can expect of an executive. This country is just too huge to expect more from our execs. I've really only agreed with GWB on three issues: Islamic fascism, taxes and judges (though he's only two out of three on that one).

In the beginning I agreed on the "compassionate conservatism" issue, but have come to realize that is too close to the policies of the left. We have to leave that to us.

Santorum and Ingraham endorse Romney...

strongly. I dislike the harshness of the primary but have to agree with the positions.

The folks at DU

are certain there's a nefarious reason for Edwards quitting.

"I don't want to overlook the fact that the powerful mega-corporations that DO run the show were being threatened by an Edwards administration, they even said so out loud.

One mustn't discount the possibility that the powers that be are capable of drastic measures to insure their control. Horrific threats is not out of the question. Perhaps not threats to Edwards, but maybe threats of some kind that would hurt innocent people somewhere.

I mean, come on, some of these people make a living off of a gigantic war machine, and manufacture events and propaganda to keep that machine rolling."

There's much more in that vein...

The Ruins

Have read and it's good.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rush mentioned a friend of mine today...

I'm driving back to work from my weekly lunch with a group to which I belong when he mentioned a friend of mine (ok, the husband of a co-worker/friend of mine whom I've met several times and with whom I have exchanged emails on economic issues).

That was a pleasant shock though given my co-worker's political views, I'm sure she was pleased and horrified.

Cool Video

via Ace. LJ, why didn't we ever do this on our bikes?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Re: Tibits

Ok, the money is in. We'll see how my amazing political and financial wherewithal focus the right.

Re: Tidbits

I still believe Rudy was the best qualified of the field (both sides) and thought he generally proved it in the debates but readily admit I thought the Florida strategy was a boneheaded move from the beginning. That is why I waited so long to throw my considerable political weight behind him.

Now, though my $$$ and March vote will go to Mitt, I suspect I'll be holding my nose in November for McCain for only one reason: they're trying to kill us. I'll just have to wait for judges (he could surprise here if the Gang of 14 was grandstanding and he doesn't care about having McCain-Feingold overturned...right), taxes, ANWR, free political speech and border security. He might be decent on spending and was always strong on Social Security (how did that win in Florida?).

It is Bob Dole redux.

Time to get out the checkbook.

Political Tidbits

First, I must poke some jabs at my fellow SSJ's. You guys sure can pick and endorse some winners! Fred.....Rudy. Did they even WANT to be President? They sure didn't act like. And I would like to know who the political genius was that convinced Rudy skip all the primaries before Florida. Having advisers like that should have been an indication of what a Rudy Presidency would have been like.

So it seems like it will be Hillary or Obama vs McCain or Romney. If that is the case, this might be the first time in my family history that my parents and I vote for the same candidate.

That's scary....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Re: Stimulus Package

Thomas Sowell on same:

A bipartisan intervention is virtually guaranteed to be a grab bag of inconsistent policies thrown together in order to get the votes of people with contradictory ideas of what ought to be done.

Before Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt came along, there was no expectation that the federal government would intervene when the stock market crashed or when there was a downturn in the economy

The Economy is not all gloom and doom...

Kudlow today (in spite of the beating my 401k is taking):

In spite of all the recession talk, the U.S. economy continues chugging along. Just this morning, we received news that new orders for durable goods ended Q4 on a very strong note. We had a 5.2 percent gain. That comes out to 22.6 percent annualized growth over the past three months. Meanwhile, unfilled orders, the leading indicator for sector activity, also showed strength with a 2.5 percent gain for December (20.5 percent over 3 months).

Egad (again)!

Just got an invitation to my 30th high school reunion.

Update: And to make matters worse, I just heard Reflex's The Politics of Dancing on Hugh Hewitt's radio show tonight. If I hear Dexy's Midnight Runners' Come on Eileen (sorry that is the only one I could find), it may be all over.

Look at me; I'm all over YouTube...maybe all is not lost.

Bill Clinton v. Dick Morris

I know enough to take any thing Dick Morris (that little prostitute problem seems to have vanished) says about either of the Clintons with a great big grain of salt but this is astounding:

When he learned of his decline in the polls, he immediately blamed me, accusing me of spending too much time with other clients. Yelling and screaming, he escalated his charges, refusing to listen to me tell him that his latest ad had not been on television yet when the poll was completed. He kept ranting.

Finally, I had enough. I stood up and said I was leaving, quitting the campaign. I grabbed my coat and headed out of the mansion. As I crossed the foyer, I suddenly fell to the ground, tackled by Bill Clinton. I saw his large fist coming at me. Hillary was trying to get between us, yelling "Bill, Bill, stop it. Think about what you are doing. Bill, stop it!"

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Begging the question....

Thankfully, Laura Ingraham says the point leads to the question rather than “begs the question” during her interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Genius? Victor Davis Hanson on Rush Limbaugh

From VDH's (my recollection is that he is a traditional California Democrat) Pajamas Media Blog at the bottom:

We also forget that Limbaugh is not just a pundit, but a gifted comedian. His impersonations and imitations are in the first rank of comedians. Note the recent writers’ strike shut down or emasculated lesser talents like Leno, Letterman, and Maher, but reminded us that Limbaugh daily, for three hours non-stop can do his own material. He had all the requisite talents—quick wit, well read, good memory, excellent delivery, and a comic sense.

The Left never saw that. They thought offering up antithetical shows would do the trick, not understanding that Rush succeeded wildly, not just because of his commentary, but because he really is a gifted entertainer, a sort of combination Jack Benny, Lenny Bruce, Don Rickles, and Rich Little all in one, with the insight of a Buckley or Novak. Really a gifted guy. If he bit his lip Clinton-style or socialized with the literati, or didn’t have to do ads, he would be considered by critics as the genius that he really is.

Holy smokes! "Lesser talents" and a combo of Benny, Bruce, Rickles, Little, Buckley [his political dad], and Novak? I've listened with relish since my days in the late 80's when I was on the road in SE Texas constantly. Listened to one program twice in one day with my ex (a liberal) in about 1991 on a long road trip and she didn't complain once. He spanked himself during the broadcast. He's an entertainer first but is at least in the top 10 for 20th century conservative (or liberal in the classical sense) influences.

Thanks, Rush, for all you've done.

"The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!"

Ok, it is really just the most recent edition of City Journal. That means the articles will start being available online shortly.

Reagan's lethargy

"He is like lion! When lion sees antelope on the horizon, his is not interested, he go to sleep. Ten feet away, too much, leave it. Eight feet, the lion suddenly comes to life!"

A Soviet aide describing Reagan's "negotiating technique, and odd mixture of of lethargy and star power," in "admiring terms..." at Reykjavik.

John O'Sullivan's The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister (pp.268-9)