Saturday, January 28, 2006

"N.O. Gang Wars Spill Into Area"

That's the lead story in today's Houston Chronicle. Police have identified 11 Katrina evacuees as suspects in a string of homicides, robberies and kidnappings since November. One of these Crescent City cretins, who goes by the charming nickname "B-Stupid," cycled through the Orleans Parish jail at least six times last year. Within days of each arrest, he was released on bail. HPD homicide Captain Dale Brown does not intend to let that happen here. "We think they are going to find things are a little bit different than in Lousiana." Got to find him first, though.

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Hurtt sees no spurt in crime

Evacuees are taking what they can in the best Big Easy style

Altercation at Houston high school

Friday, January 27, 2006

Recycling is expensive nonsense

More evidence from The Weekly Standard.

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Send $100 to Ken Blackwell

From City Journal:

While he debated whether to leave the Charterist Party to become either a Democrat or a Republican, Blackwell got an invitation to visit Reagan in the White House, where the president told Blackwell the story of his own political conversion. "I walked out of there knowing that I was going to join the party myself. It was clear to me that I stood a better chance of following my principles as a Republican," says Blackwell.

From dashiki wearing Alinskyite to Reagan Republican...that is a man I have to assist, however modestly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I've had a Trojan desktop highjacker for several months...Adaware, a free service, remedied it. Thanks Adaware.

Now I can look at Leonidas at Thermopylae without all the difficulties.

Energy Diversity

Frank Gaffney doesn't really address it like I'd like in his column but we've got to add Nuclear Energy back into the equation. He does address Electricity.

He also addresses some of the issues about which this Righty with a single Lefty bone (the Green Bone) is concerned...and praises (or at least single out) this Righty's hometown:

"Interest in such plug-in hybrids is about to get a further boost, thanks to a national grassroots campaign being kicked off at the National Press Club today. Led by Austin, Texas — a place President Bush used to call home — and its public utility, Austin Energy, this initiative is backed by a coalition of cities and counties from across the country, some 100 power utilities, national security experts (including yours truly [Frank Gaffney]) and various public policy organizations. The idea is to raise awareness about and demonstrate demand for plug-ins, while encouraging governments at all levels to provide incentives for manufacturers to meet that demand. (For more on this coalition, see " [Mr. Gaffney, if that is too much of a quote to have lifted, I apologize.]

How is it that the Left can admire our Euro-betters so, and ignore all the French nuclear plants?

Hugh Hewitt listeners rip Joel Stein...

The LA Times columnist really tried to express, in my view, some of the Left's hypocrisy, for "supporting the troops," but not the cause. His column is certainly incendiary but I also find it refreshing.

HH and others were outraged about the column's insensitivity, but I think it honest.

If Michelle Malkin has not yet unloaded, you better duck Joel.

His last line though, in reference to parades for returning military, was a bit over the top:

"Seriously, the traffic is insufferable."

Texas Border Scare, if true

I know nothing about this website but am starting to hear more and more of these rumors:

"Mexican soldiers and civilian smugglers had an armed standoff with nearly 30 U.S. law enforcement officials on the Rio Grande in Texas Monday afternoon, according to Texas police and the FBI."

Monday, January 23, 2006

"...a decidedly conspiratorial worldview"

How true!! I do believe in a wide variety of conspiracy theories and the whole "9/11 war on terror" has just added new fodder for those of us who share this worldview. So I offer this - compliments of Keith Olbermann from October 12, 2005. (scroll down until you find The Nexus of Politics and Terror)

One or two could be a coincidence - but 13?! I smell conspiracy...

Carmine said two boys; here are three.

I meant to get this up before he posted but didn't. We welcome "Love Johnson" to SSJ. (Scooter: I didn't think I had to say anything to him about his screen name, but clearly I did. Sorry.)

I intended to say a little bit about "LJ" and what to expect but his post speaks for itself. I'll add that LJ is an old friend of ours (30-plus years for me and about 20 for Scooter) and in addition to a definite lefty bent, he has a decidedly conspiratorial worldview.

Two comments LJ: (1) proofread (you seem to have a "shall" where you wanted "say;" (2) mix in a dictionary occasionally (it's "elicit" not "illicit").*

Hey, if we can't hold each other up for public ridicule, what's the point?

Anyway, welcome LJ. I'm looking forward to an interesting discussion. (Yes I intend to post more often.)

*This is going to come back to bite me. Hard. I dislike proofing, can't spell worth a damn, and my spell checker doesn't work.

the voice of the people

First, a cell phone. Next, Tivo. Now, a blogger. Guess I'm officially part of the 21st century. My role (as I see it) is to question, debate and offer a more, shall we shall, leftist view than my fellow secondhand smoking jacks. And to ask logical (well, at least they understand my particular brand of logical) questions and illicit their opinions and views on current events and subjects.
They are the voice of the bourgeoisie - I am the voice of the people!

Thanks guys for inviting me - I'll try to live up to the high standards set so far.