Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Energy Diversity

Frank Gaffney doesn't really address it like I'd like in his column but we've got to add Nuclear Energy back into the equation. He does address Electricity.

He also addresses some of the issues about which this Righty with a single Lefty bone (the Green Bone) is concerned...and praises (or at least single out) this Righty's hometown:

"Interest in such plug-in hybrids is about to get a further boost, thanks to a national grassroots campaign being kicked off at the National Press Club today. Led by Austin, Texas — a place President Bush used to call home — and its public utility, Austin Energy, this initiative is backed by a coalition of cities and counties from across the country, some 100 power utilities, national security experts (including yours truly [Frank Gaffney]) and various public policy organizations. The idea is to raise awareness about and demonstrate demand for plug-ins, while encouraging governments at all levels to provide incentives for manufacturers to meet that demand. (For more on this coalition, see www.PluginPartners.com.) " [Mr. Gaffney, if that is too much of a quote to have lifted, I apologize.]

How is it that the Left can admire our Euro-betters so, and ignore all the French nuclear plants?

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