Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hugh Hewitt listeners rip Joel Stein...

The LA Times columnist really tried to express, in my view, some of the Left's hypocrisy, for "supporting the troops," but not the cause. His column is certainly incendiary but I also find it refreshing.

HH and others were outraged about the column's insensitivity, but I think it honest.

If Michelle Malkin has not yet unloaded, you better duck Joel.

His last line though, in reference to parades for returning military, was a bit over the top:

"Seriously, the traffic is insufferable."

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Malott said...

I appreciate Stein's comments because I believe he is being more honest than most Dems and others on the Left. They believe the troops are as guilty as the president and that's why they feel justified in undermining the war effort and encouraging the enemy.

You've probably heard, they loathe the military.