Friday, July 16, 2010

Fox is not delicious

Frankly, my side of the political spectrum is not really doing my bidding or satisfying my wishes, so I have little appetite for criticizing the right. But this ridiculous cable situation we have in our house, where we've got Fox News but not MSNBC, and the knowledge that countless others out there have this "family" cable package offered by Comcast and so are fed the Fox News diet (perhaps without realizing they're being deprived of another viewpoint), is enough for me to spare a smidgeon of emotional outrage on the nonsense that is Fox "News".

From the American Prospect:

We didn't need a lesson in how good the right is in kicking up these dust storms, because they've done it so many times before. It's a very simple formula: take some incident or person who can embody something you want people to believe about the left (elitists, scary black people, etc.); put it into heavy rotation on Fox and conservative radio; immediately begin screaming that the liberal mainstream media are ignoring this vital story; watch while the mainstream media pick up the story to prove they really aren't liberal. Rinse, repeat. It works pretty much every time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Karma is amazing (in case I hadn't already mentioned that)

She "qualified" in the "Tunnelers" event yesterday. "Qualified" just means she passed, by completing the course within the requisite time and without faults (like me touching her or her running an obstacle out of order). She ran 144 yards -- almost 1.5 football fields -- in 33 seconds, through 12 tunnels.

Pretty much just want to spend the day telling people about her success. Now who can I tell? And thanks in advance to everyone who pretends to be interested.

Update 7/13/10: Here's a video of someone else's dog competing in the same Tunnelers event as Karma ran on Sunday.