Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy to be a Lawyer this day before Thanksgiving

In about 20 minutes I'm heading to a walk-through of two newly constructed homes. On behalf of a client of mine, if all goes well, we will close on the purchase of the two homes on Monday.

What's the big deal? My client is purchasing the two homes to provide housing to Katrina evacuees. Yes, FEMA has extended the hotel vouchers for another month but that can't go on forever.

Special thanks to Foundation Communities, for assistance in finding the families for the homes and creating the program which, if all goes well, will have these families on their feet financially and purchasing these homes in two or three years.

Special thanks to my client as well. Your generosity is extraordinary.

Update: finished the walk-though and the houses are beautiful. These will be tow very fortunate families, indeed.

Monday, November 21, 2005


A colleague of mine brought his two sons to the office today and the term "tow-heads" immediately sprang from my lips.

Their hair reminded me of my current and erstwhile nephews and nieces.

I've never known how the term was derived. Now, thanks to Word Detective, I know:

"In the case of 'tow-head,' understanding the phrase depends on knowing that 'tow' is another word for raw flax or hemp fibers. 'Tow' in this sense is apparently unrelated to the 'pull' sense of 'tow,' and comes from a prehistoric [Scooter's note: not sure I buy that] German word meaning 'to spin or weave.' Flax fibers in their natural state are a very light golden color, so 'tow-head' is a logical description of someone with very light or blonde hair. The phrase 'flaxen-haired' applied to such people is somewhat more common than 'tow-head,' although both phrases are gradually disappearing."

The death of manners

Don't miss George Will on manners.

From today's Jewish World Review:

"Actually, manners are the practice of a virtue. The virtue is called civility, a word related —— as a foundation is related to a house —— to the word civilization."