Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

2008 Election

Yes, I'm back. For how long and how often will I post, I can't say. Just enjoy me while you can...

So, I hate to even bring this up because the election cycle/coverage/discussion is WAY too long and it pains me to be even a small part of that. But as I was driving to work this morning, listening to a right-wing (of course) talk show host giddy over the "Clinton-Obama" feud, it got me to thinking about this....

Who was the last "sitting" Senator elected President? If memory serves, it was JFK. And before him...? I have no idea and I don't want to find the answer on the internet. Guesses?

I've read/heard various discourses on why Senators traditionally do not get elected to the highest office, yet they seem to be the majority of the candidates. And in looking ahead to 2008, I would think that most pundits would agree that as of today, the winner will come from either Clinton, Obama or McCain. History (and who can argue against that), however tells us that it will NOT be a "sitting" Senator. So among those who have declared who are not Senators, who would that front-runner be? I'm glad to be able to say that while I know there are more than 3 declared candidates, I can only name 4 (the 4th is John Edwards). So, my fellow SSJ's, who is the non-Senator front-runner? I'm sure you 2 have been keeping up with this....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

World's Ugliest Business Card what I have in my wallet as of today.

The only good thing about it is that the accent color it has gone from aTm maroon to blue.

Print is too small.

Print is too light.

Worst aspect: the "notes" section on the back. As if I didn't know I could write notes on the back, but at least now I have half the space.

The only other only good thing is that they didn't make me put my picture on it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pardon my schadenfreude: Airbus a Disaster

From American Thinker via Real Clear Politics:

Yesterday, Airbus humiliated itself before the world civil aviation community. Already suffering a massive loss of credibility due to the repeated delivery delays for the A 380 super jumbo, the company was to have unveiled its recovery plan, dubbed Power8, consisting of restructuring and cost saving measures intended to save $2.8 billion per year by 2010.

Instead of triumphantly presenting Power8 to the world, the company admitted it could not come to an internal agreement on cost-saving measures, and word leaked out of heated arguments among the members of its board of directors. So much for boldly moving forward to solve its many problems. Airline customers cannot be comforted by the company's continued internal squabbling, the principal factor said to be at the root of the 380's repeated delivery delays. [emph. mine]