Saturday, February 04, 2012

Better Than I Know Myself

Adam's video for the lead single, Better Than I Know Myself, from the new album, Trespassing, premiered yesterday. Floofy Cuddly Sweater Adam Who Reads Books, Drinks Tea and Sweeps lives side-by-side with Angry Destructive Leather Adam Who Plays With Fire, Slugs Alcohol and Disrespects Books. You have to watch to the end for the reveal about where the two Adams really reside -- or maybe you'll know right off the bat.

In the end, Angry Adam's medges save Sweater Adam. The message of the video is that a man cannot live by sweaters alone; he must have medges too.

Both Floofy Adam and Angry Adam have perfect noses. And they both sing like crazy.

Enjoy. Buy the single on Itunes. The album will be out March 20.

The Queen rumors--that Adam is the new frontman for Queen--are greatly exaggerated. They are planning to do something(s) together, but Adam isn't giving up his day job--pop star in his own right--for it.