Thursday, December 01, 2005

Update: a tonic for Abe Foxman

Update from Isi Liebler at the Jerusalem Post:

It is therefore highly regrettable that organizations devoted to promoting pluralism and combating anti-Semitism would paint friends as adversaries. This is hardly the way to retain the support of the one American major group that consistently and unconditionally supports Israel. It is surely wrong and counterproductive to insult friends and allies, even if we differ with them on many other issues.

If we had 50 million evangelicals in Europe the situation for Jews would be dramatically different. Conversely, we would do well to ask ourselves what the status of Israel and Jews in the United States would be in the absence of our evangelical supporters.

I know about the historical persecutions, but have never figured out the fears expressed today.

Thanks to Rabbi Lapin, Julia Gorin and Jeff Jacoby for weighing in. Foxman gets a bit tiresome.


As an Orthodox rabbi with an unquenchable passion for teaching Torah and devoting myself to the long term interests of Judaism and America’’s Jewish community, I believe we Jews must turn our backs on the secularism that will sink us all. An act of friendship would be welcome. Let us all go out of our way to wish our many wonderful Christian friends——a very merry Christmas. Just remember, America’s Bible belt is our safety belt.


Apparently, Jews don't have enough enemies in this world, and the one friend they have is one too many. Or perhaps these two and the Jews who think like they do figure that the world doesn't stand a chance against Islam, so why not help battle the only remaining religion standing in its way of world domination?


On the contrary: It makes me feel grateful -- to live in a land where freedom of religion shelters the Hanukkah menorah in my window no less than the Christmas tree in my neighbor's. That freedom is a reflection of America's Judeo-Christian culture, and a principal reason why, in this overwhelmingly Christian country, it isn't only Christians for whom Christmas is a season of joy. And why it isn't only Christians who should make a point of saying so.

Monday, November 28, 2005

National Review and Narnia

Ok, the cover of NR this week has me ready to subscribe. When I did that silly summer at Oxford, I made a point of having a pint at the "beak and baby" or Eagle and Child...the pub where the Inklings met.

Thanks to Vox Day for reminding me.

Still more on "Gouging"

I know this is quickly becoming a sick obsession of mine, but Ben Lieberman makes more good points on the issue at Heritage:

"Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, and the resulting combination of reduced oil production, knocked-out refineries and closed pipelines sent gasoline prices skyrocketing nearly 50 cents per gallon in a week. At its worst on Sept. 5, the national average hit $3.06 per gallon."

and then:

"The lesson is that markets work. Katrina-induced supply shortfalls caused an immediate jump in prices, which quickly triggered a series of self-correcting actions. The additional profit motive sent the oil industry scrambling to make repairs even before the floodwaters had receded, bringing supplies back online very quickly. Similarly, the high prices attracted extra gasoline from Europe and elsewhere to the American market."