Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh, what might have been...

67-60 THE ohio state university

Friday, March 30, 2007

Speaking of old 'hoods, today's (3-30-07) Vent

I don't know how to post the video, but Hot Air today reveals that Michelle Malkin has Scooter's old (Nina Lee) kitchen cabinets.

Not like the old days in the 'hood

"A gunman opened fire on a group of teens in southwest Houston, killing one of them.

Police say three teens were walking down Beechnut and Jorine last night when the gunman approached them and started shooting. All three were shot. One of them died at the hospital. The other two suffered minor gunshot wounds.

One of the victims' distraught mothers showed up at the scene wielding a gun herself. Police detained her. The gunman got away."

Tito's Update

I haven't been able to confirm the rumor that Tito has sold his company, but I'm on it.

'Shooter' Hits Its Mark With an Old-Fashioned Hero

or so reads the Washington Post headline (registration required). This is the only positive review I've seen for the movie version of one of my favorite pieces of Airport Fiction. Point of Impact is the first in a series of action novels by Stephen Hunter (Pulitzer winner for movie critics at WaPo) set around Bob Lee Swagger in the present and his father Earl Swagger in the past.

I know, I know, "Swagger? You've got to be kidding." I can't help it. I love these books. Can't put them down and have read most of them twice. I've heard Hunter described as the Tom Clancy of the rifle and I think it a fair moniker, though I generally find Clancy a little ponderous.

At least Hunter didn't review himself. I'll see for myself this weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Distressing News about Tito's Vodka

Heard today that Tito sold out. I'm dumbstruck. If true, I'd never begrudge him capitalizing on his success and making what I am sure is a gazillion dollars.

Having said that, it rivals the sale of Shiner to Miller (I think) as a Texas tragedy.

And having said that, always use your leverage when you have it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mark Cuban: Wacko or Visionary?

Like I could pass THIS up! I heard Mike Gallagher talking about it during my drive to work this a.m.

"The New York Post broke a story that Mark Cuban was planning to distribute the controversial film "Loose Change Final Cut" which will be narrated by Charlie Sheen. Mark defended his decision to Bill O'Reilly on the "The Radio Factor" saying its better to have the film out in the open than lurk in the shadows. The film has become one of the most popular 9/11 conspiracy films with tens of millions of views on Google Video."

Audio here

Re: Hoops Confession

I thought the mark of a "good" attorney is the ability to bluff? Certainly is a trait of a "good" poker player. Since I've never seen you in action in attorney mode, I guess this little story answers that question. As for poker, I've seen that first hand.

p.s. - georgetown

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tony Snow

Sincere prayers for one of the good guys in the administration, Tony Snow.

Mark Steyn on Dennis Miller tonight

This Hour (8:00 PM CT) on KRLA.

Update: His phone no. is 866-509-rant.

Update: Sheesh, he's already got the gold, insurance and mortgage ads down.

Update: Steyn late in calling in...a no show?

Update: This is a little Franken like, but anyone who swipes at Byrd is ok, but, yes, I know he's easy.

Update: Still sucking up to Steyn, maybe he'll show.

Update: Nice tie in between America Alone and Londonistan.

Update: Decent bumper music, U2 at the break...but I'm prejudiced, he used Tears for Fears on the HBO show.

Update: Bottom of the hour and no Steyn...could be a big diss.

Update: Miller ratifies my earlier comment saying his turn occurred on 9/11 and then says he’s ok with 50% taxes between state and fed, after that, “it’s creeping socialism.” Sheesh.

Update: Endorsing Sleep Number Beds. How do I get that gig?

Update: Steyn shows, lamely blaming the Central Time Zone for his tardiness.

Update: Glad Steyn made it...instant cred.

Update: I can hear him smirk through the radio.

Update: Apologies to Dave Barry and James Lileks.

Update: "Listen to the [Pink] Floyd [bumper music at end of first hour], were they 30 years ahead of their time, or what?"

Update: Falling back on SNL allies, Martin Short leads off second hour.

Update: Short was in Godspell???

Update: If he has to rely on SNL alums in California, I don't know how many can get up at 4:00 AM or that we'd want to hear.

Update: Bottom line: work to do but I wish him success. Miller can make inroads where others cannot.

Chris Wallace lays into Olbermann

I never listen to Mike Gallagher so hat tip to Hot Air. Audio of Chris Wallace ripping Keith Olbermann.

“He couldn’t cover a two alarm fire.”

IMHO, rip O'Reilly, Hannity and the others in Central Time prime time all you want, but Hume and Wallace are pros.

Hoops confession -- LJ is The Man

I didn't make bracket picks and pass them on the LJ as earlier described. Love "Nostradamus" Johnson made the picks and graciously provided them to me. Guys in my office thought I was a hoops genius. They got suspicious though when, during the inevitable coffee break post-mortem, I was reluctant to share my analysis of the Final Four. My fate as a fraud was sealed when my secretary (enjoying the reflected moment in the sun as much as I was and thinking she was doing me a favor) asked whom I had picked to win.

I couldn't remember whom Love Johnson had picked.

I might have bluffed, but was feeling so awful and guilty at this point that I was ready to give up the game. I pulled back the curtain and revealed LJ as THE MAN.

History International Channel

Was watching History International’s (link might work) The Conquerors last night and the subject was Napoleon’s Greatest Victory at Austerlitz in 1805 (or thereabouts) with roughly 150,000 total combatants. While Messr. Napoleon certainly kicked some Russo-Austrian butt, that is not the point of this post.

Periodically with some of the programming on Discovery or History or History International or …, I occasionally find myself sitting with mouth agape at some of the things an expert might say, wondering from where in h--l this PC c--p comes. Last night, however, just as I was about to click to another channel, Victor Davis Hanson gave some commentary. Some confidence restored.

Re: Final Four

Yea, I'm doing well in the 3 pools I'm in. Thanks for sharing your expertise.


Tom Wolfe calls Christopher Buckley one of the funniest writers in the English language. At least that's what the back cover of Boomsday says. I'm a big fan and have read most of Buckley's novels. This one is among the best -- wild plot turns, diabolically cynical characters, dazzling dialogue. Boomsday is even more cinematic than Thank You For Smoking and I'm sure will be filmed soon. (If you didn't like TYFS on the screen, don't let that dissuade you from reading the book.) In addition to TYFS, I can also heartily recommend Little Green Men and God Is My Broker.

The Last Mimzy

Ugh. Odd and disagreeable mishmash of sci-fi, New Age, and eco-nonsense, with a helping of Incompetent Homeland Security thrown in for no apparent reason/good measure. Mom and Dad are painful to watch; this guy is brutally miscast. There is a lot of choppiness -- jumping from unconnected episode to unconnected episode -- indicating I'm guessing a longer movie that was edited pretty severely.

Son thought it was OK. And he doesn't like everything he sees. He really disliked Flushed Away.

Mixed reviews here.

Final Four

Had all of the Elite 8, have the Final 4, and lead in my pool. Shared my picks with LJ so I assume he's doing well also.

UPDATE: Confession here.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Good heavens…

My copy of the History of the English Speaking Peoples Since 1900 (buy there, sales help JWR) was next on my list, however, at 752 pages, I might have to rest a while before tackling.

If Bushitler was really able to tackle it, my hat’s off to him. Since he read the English publication, maybe it came with lots of pictures.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Re: Savage

Can't listen for even a minute. There are many who allege that he's really a lib and that his is all shtick.

Re: Dennis Miller

In my mind he was at his best on SNL. On HBO he had his moments but he got lazy, relying far too heavily on f-bombs and the like for laughs rather than working hard for the really good joke, but one did get to see a few of his conservative leanings.

At one point, I think it was on his HBO show (didn't he have a network talk show for a while, a la Aresenio Hall?) he said, "The difference between an environmentalist and a developer is that a developer wants to build a house in the woods and an environmentalist already has one."

He is still anti-gun, pro-choice and thinks very little of the religious right.

Then, after 9/11, he really seemed to make the hard turn sincerely.

Having said that, like her whose name we dare not speak, much of what he does now is pure marketing. Still, I appreciate him when he's on and will take a 9/11 ally wherever I can find him.


Of course one doesn't get it in Elementary or Jr. High history classes, but I would have expected better from my high school AP history teacher... 1776 was a very dire year for the young nation. His Excellency got very lucky on a number of occasions that year both in victory and defeat. Providence, perseverance and character seemingly seems to have prevailed over experience, cowardice and resources, but only by a thread.

The war would continue for another six years and take a toll of a full one percent of the male population, second only to the Late Unpleasantness in the latter regard.

What an amazing time. Thanks to David McCullough.

Re: Dennis Miller

Or listen to him at 8:00 PM on KRLA.