Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mark Steyn on Dennis Miller tonight

This Hour (8:00 PM CT) on KRLA.

Update: His phone no. is 866-509-rant.

Update: Sheesh, he's already got the gold, insurance and mortgage ads down.

Update: Steyn late in calling in...a no show?

Update: This is a little Franken like, but anyone who swipes at Byrd is ok, but, yes, I know he's easy.

Update: Still sucking up to Steyn, maybe he'll show.

Update: Nice tie in between America Alone and Londonistan.

Update: Decent bumper music, U2 at the break...but I'm prejudiced, he used Tears for Fears on the HBO show.

Update: Bottom of the hour and no Steyn...could be a big diss.

Update: Miller ratifies my earlier comment saying his turn occurred on 9/11 and then says he’s ok with 50% taxes between state and fed, after that, “it’s creeping socialism.” Sheesh.

Update: Endorsing Sleep Number Beds. How do I get that gig?

Update: Steyn shows, lamely blaming the Central Time Zone for his tardiness.

Update: Glad Steyn made it...instant cred.

Update: I can hear him smirk through the radio.

Update: Apologies to Dave Barry and James Lileks.

Update: "Listen to the [Pink] Floyd [bumper music at end of first hour], were they 30 years ahead of their time, or what?"

Update: Falling back on SNL allies, Martin Short leads off second hour.

Update: Short was in Godspell???

Update: If he has to rely on SNL alums in California, I don't know how many can get up at 4:00 AM or that we'd want to hear.

Update: Bottom line: work to do but I wish him success. Miller can make inroads where others cannot.

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