Friday, February 12, 2010

"Happy Valentine's Day, honey"

Personally, I think shoveling the side of the driveway your wife uses says "I love you" better than flowers....

Great DFW Blizzard of Feb 2010

Have been out-and about taking pictures now that our record 12 1/2" snow event has ended...

This is the house across the street:

Looking down our street:

Diving board of our pool showing snow accumulation:

There are limbs down all over the neighborhood due to the wet, heavy snow:


Now that the pesky power is back on...

My sister in Minnesota would laugh but sometimes it even snows in Athens. Mom would kill me if she knew about this pic. She's wearing her Walmart hat/bonnet (one of those little plastic checkout bags)--after all, she had had her hair done the day before. This was yesterday:

I snapped it because I figured it would be the best we got this year having missed out on the Christmas snow that LJ got. I was wrong.

Some pics from today. First from the backyard:

And then the front:

The perfunctory Courthouse Pic:

And some Backyard Ice Art:

A backyard before picture might be in order: