Friday, June 26, 2009

MJ and Jermaine

We've broken out our Jackson 5 this evening. I'm thinking the same thing I think every time we do so: Jermaine was underrated.

And Michael really was amazingly skilled.

[Exhibit A re Jermaine being underrated: I'll Be There]

This and that....

1) Of course the media is focusing on the sexual aspect of Gov. Sanford story. But for me, the most interesting aspect is the whole disappearance and cover-up. Did he REALLY think he could just vanish for 10 days and no one notice? That if he had, and stuck with the Appalachian Trail hiking story, that the media wouldn't have wondered why they couldn't find anyone who actually met him on the trail? Or that he didn't look like he got a tan? It's one thing for your estranged wife and staff not to know - but your security people? What a complete idiot!

2) I was driving around a few days before Sanford he got back from Argentina and was listening to Mike Gallagher, who of course was going out of his way to defend Sanford about "wanting to get away to recharge his batteries" by hiking. That he was a great, moral, Christian, conservative and that is why the "liberal"media was getting all over his case. I wish I could have listened to his show when the truth (and I don't believe that the WHOLE truth is out yet) came out. Wonder how that crow tasted?

3) I am so apathetic about the death of Michael Jackson. He was a freak, a train wreck - someone who makes Brittney Spears look normal. And even if he was found not guilty of sexual contact with a minor, his admitted behavior with young boys was sick. As sick as the parents of these kids allowing them to spend the night with Michael. I never believed that he would actually show up and perform in London, but I didn't think it would be because he died. And with his as freaky as he is sisters, I can only imagine what his funeral will be like.

4) Having our 3rd day of 100 degree days today. Summer is here I guess. At least I'm no longer in Houston (104 there yesterday). All my outdoor activities are now done before 9am and after 8pm. I feel like a shut-in.

Monday, June 22, 2009

UT baseball

A Twitterer's observation:

Big month coming up for me

Not that anyone probably cares, but July is going to be a big month for me. A trip in the early portion (won't say where now, but should have some good pictures and I've been promised "some type of interaction" with a MAJOR celebrity). I will say that the last time I was at this location (and it was at this time of year), I was at a party and was part of a conversation with (by then)ex-General Norman Schwartzcroft. He was an interesting guy - very soft spoken, very non-military looking. While I was part of the conversation, everyone wanted to talk about the Gulf War. All he wanted to talk about was bears and wolves. Not killing them, but capturing and relocating them.

In the middle part of the month, I will be attempting to get my Texas Concealed Handgun license. My father has been on me for a few years now, wondering why I haven't gotten it. He has one and does carry almost all the time. I don't plan on carrying, except when making long car trips. I can't even remember the last time I actually fired a handgun, so it has been suggested that I go to a range at least one time before. Aim wise I don't think I need to, but since I'll be using a semi-automatic for the test and have never fired one before, it's probably a good idea.

And finally, at the end of the month, I will be taking a basic motorcycle riding class. I've been wanting to do this for a many years and since I'm still in the midst of my mid-life crisis, now is the time. The successful completion of this will waive the riding portion of DPS motorcycle license test.The goal here is to get my motorcycle license so that when C and I are at our place in Wisconsin, I can ride up there. I'm not planning on getting one of those huge touring bikes, just something to tool around with (going to the post office, going into town, going to a lake/river, etc.). No long trips, no sidecars, nothing like that. And absolutely never riding down here in DFW.

Sunday, June 21, 2009