Friday, December 15, 2006

Don't tell Mama...

I have to admit my knowledge of Harold Ford is primarily limited to what I've seen of him on the evil Fox News Network but that limited knowledge led me to agree with NRO's Larry Kudlow:

If the Democrats really want to embrace a rising star, they need look no further than Harold Ford, the young African American congressman from Tennessee who nearly captured a senate seat last month. Ford appreciates free markets and capitalism. He has boldly crossed party lines to vote to extend the investor tax cuts and expand tax-free savings accounts. He avoids class-warfare platitudes and embraces the Ownership Society. He’s optimistic — Reaganesque. And his pro-growth vision stands in stark contrast to Obama’s nanny-state predilection.

I know he lost (and I admit to Repub. dirty tricks) but I think Tenn. made a mistake.


Hugh Hewitt is really right about the least as far as its "art" goes. It is beautiful. It is a step similar to the one Spielberg took with Saving Private Ryan. The plot and characters though....

Victor Davis Hanson disappoints and then sates...

Victor Davis (or David, as Laura Ingraham says) Hanson irked me then made up for it today:

From today's NRO:

This week Iran hosted an international conference on Holocaust denial. The gathering was as bizarre as a bar out of Star Wars [emph. added], a collection of every crackpot anti-Semite the world over, all there for a scripted, tightly controlled hatefest advertised as a “free” exchange of ideas unknown in Europe.

Jimmy Carter, silent about Iran’s latest promotion for its planned holocaust, is hawking his latest book — in typical fashion, sorta, kinda alleging that the Israelis are like the South Africans in perpetuating an apartheid state, that they are cruel to many Christians, and, as occupiers, are understandably the targets of suicide bombers and other terrorist killers. Sadly, all that shields this wrinkled-browed, lip-biting moralist from complete infamy is sympathy for a man bewildered in his dotage [emph. added].

Would LJ freak?

If we moved to Townhall?

Re: McConnell

Somehow someone "commented" with a unremovable link. At least there is no little trash can to click.

Star Wars Bar Scene

I read it once this morning and then heard it on the radio and I want it stopped. Edict: Thou shalt not invoke the "Star Wars Bar Scene" to describe a motley crew.

RE: Violent crime is up in Houston after Katrina (Part One*)

Aggravated assault up a mere 2%

Auto theft up 11%; I’d have thought that would be much higher with many of the evacuees going from N.O. to Houston (must have auto)

Burglary down 20%

Burglary of auto up 1%

As Michael mentioned, DWI down a staggering, slurring amount (75%?)

RAPE UP 120%! What is that?

Negligent manslaughter too small to take into account

Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter up 23% (how much of that will be old time Houston gang versus new New Orleans gang members and/or NO gang versus NO gang members?)

Drug violations up 16% and

Robbery up 6%

With the exception of the two biggies (rape and murder), I'm guessing there was not much of a per capita increase.