Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin on the issues

I'm trying to find Gov. Palin's thoughts on the issues of national import (national security, foreign policy, immigration, trade) and I can't seem to find them, not even on the Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President website. She'll be one missed heartbeat away from owning these issues. And every night she'll be on call during McCain's Ambien-induced sleep.

Also, I'm interested in your thoughts on her dairy fiasco from a free-market perspective.

[Update: No? Nothing? I'll settle for this: evidence that she's spent 30 minutes of her life pondering national or international issues.]


Obviously a big topic that will be hashed out in the coming days by bigger minds than mine, but:

From NYT editorial today: "Governor Palin’s lack of experience, especially in national security and foreign affairs, raises immediate questions about how prepared she is to potentially succeed to the presidency. That really is the only criteria for judging a candidate for vice president."

Are you kidding? How can anyone write that with a straight face?


"Obama was a junior Senator from a state for about sixteen or seventeen months before he decided he was experienced enough to be president."

"Gee, and I thought two years of high elected office was all an exciting and charismatic newcomer needed to pass the experience threshold."

Rethug Strategy

I read this yesterday and agree: McCain/Palin is perfectly poised to run against Bush and the Republican Congress and they must. I got upset recently when I saw a McCain ad that was critical of Bush but now I get it. Rethug reformers/mavericks.

I challenge the person who voted Slow Joe to explain.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Re: Palin

And yes, I'm finally opening up the checkbook. Must be done within the next day or so due to [McCain's (the dope) I think] election laws.

I went from thoroughly depressed about 9:15 last night to deliriously happy this morning. What a sad life I lead.

Palin Pick

Granted, it was at the very bottom of the post as as an afterthought but I did say in early June, "Sheesh. I hope he’s talking to Sarah Palin. Her name has not been tossed around enough.”

She certainly has the base riled up (in a good way if one is of that ilk). Now let's see if she does him any good.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I don't know if it's a case of "good ole days" syndrome or what, but political conventions these days are totally unwatchable. Even in my younger days, I had a basic knowledge that they were choreographed and dictated to, or by, television. But as time as has gone by and the spontaneity levels have decreased, it has gotten to the point of the absurd. The best part was always the roll-call. Now, it's not even covered by the networks. Did it even happen? I didn't even see "highlights" of it during the whopping hour of coverage on ABC. Speeches are timed to the minute and you can tell when the speakers have gotten the word to wrap it up because their delivery gets quicker and faster the the pauses for applause decrease. I've watched a total of maybe 30 minutes so far and I'm surprised I even made it that long. Here is what I have heard from 95% of the speeches I've seen:

Blah blah blah global warming blah blah blah health care blah blah blah change blah blah blah change blah blah blah borrowing money from the Chinese to buy oil from the Middle East (I literally heard that sentence 3 times by 3 different speakers Tues night) blah blah blah working people blah blah blah middle class blah blah blah change....

I planed on watching Hillary, just to see how much "support" she would give to Obama, but I could only last about 5 minutes. It was a broken record of "me's". I missed most of Bill last night, but I did see what I thought was a great line in his speech...

"...People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power..."

That one line, to me, describes the biggest difference between the parties. Listen to the right wing radio hacks and they all believe in the "democracy by force" doctrine. Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan - don't talk or negotiate, invade or threaten to. I'm not planiing on watching Obama tonight, but I'm sure I'll flip over a couple of times just to check him out.