Thursday, January 21, 2010

LJ medical update

MRI was today. Nothing bad found. It was cool looking at the images with the doctor as she explained what they were looking for.

As for what is causing my problems, the new leader is something called Vestibular Migraine. There are many variations of this, the rarest seems to be the one I possibly have - the one without the headaches. There is an outside chance that this is all allergy related and that theory will be examined more closely if in the next couple of months my episodes do not stop.

As for treatment, it is a 2-pronged attack. First is medication that I start in small dosages and increase only if the episodes continue. The second avenue is food. While the causes of migraines are not completely understood, certain foods and food types are thought to be triggers. So I'm going through the process of eliminating certain foods, then re-introducing them one-by-one to see which (if any) seems to trigger something. I started this process back in early January and get to add something starting today. If after adding them all back and nothing happens, then the process starts over with a different type of food group (elimination, then adding one-by-one). I think there are 4 food group/types, so this could be a rather long, drawn out process.

One last note, that is a bit negative in my case - driving. While they didn't tell me to not drive, they did suggest I limit my driving, at least while I ramp up on the medication. Neighborhood and very local driving seems to be OK - anything more than that they wanted me to be cautious about. Bummer :(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How cold has it been in Dallas (NEW UPDATE)

Our pool system is finally up and running. No pool issues, no plumbing issues, no pump issues. The only casualty was the backwash value which malfunctioned and started the chain of events that resulted in our "frozen pond". The pool guys got everything fixed and the system was up and running yesterday. Yea!

Re: My lack of posting

As I posted about here, I've started my 2nd round of testing for my mystery condition. MRI is scheduled for tomorrow morning, with a follow-up with the ENT "team" after. Since my episode on the plane, I've had 2 more. One was last week when it appeared as if I woke up at my normal time having one. On the severity level, it was about a 4, but it was a very strange sensation waking up with a vertigo type thing going on. The other episode was Monday and it was a bad one. Not only did I have the nausea thing going on, but it was so bad I was actually over a sink...well you get the idea. That is the first time I've been that nauseated, so that was a bit freaky. This one lasted about 15-20 minutes and I was wiped out afterward.

All-in-all , not a good week. We'll see what the MRI results are tomorrow and go from there.