Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My lack of posting

While I can, and will, use being in Milwaukee over the holidays as my excuse, there is another reason. As I mentioned here back in October, I was dealing with some medical issues....well, they have reared their ugly head again. I've had 5 more episodes since mid December - 2 of them rather memorable. Since the onset back in July, I've been worried about what would happen if I were driving. Unfortunately, I got to experience that the night before C and I left for Milwaukee. I was able to make it to the shoulder safely, but as C and I switched positions, I had to hold on to the side of the vehicle to keep from stumbling into the closest lane of traffic.

The other memorable episode happened on Monday, sitting on the airplane about to take off. We had just pulled away from the gate when it started. I was very close to having to say something to a flight attendant about getting me back to the terminal or letting me get on the floor - something, anything. I made it through take-off and being able to move about the cabin so I could get to the lavatory. After about 20 minutes, all was well (relatively speaking).

I'm seeking 2nd medical opinions, in fact I started that process today. I'm going to a vestibular disorder specialist and will start a new round of testing. Had the hearing ones today - next up, another MRI.

My dreams of motorcycle ownership are slowly fading....

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Stephanie said...

So, so scary. Sorry to hear this, LJ. My best wishes, and thoughts with you and C.