Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Speaking of fan videos

Fans have set several of Adam's songs to videos.  Some make more sense than others:
  • Pick U Up:  basejumpers and their ilk (Actually, I'm not sure the lyrics of this song make any sense unless you're watching this video)
  • Broken Open:  firefighters saving cats
  • Down the Rabbit Hole:  Alice in Wonderland plus cool "fractal " graphic thingees, that are like a digital kaleidoscope
  • Sleepwalker:  anime
  • Strut:  Oh dear.  Cats, again.
Update:  A few more:
  • Fever:  The Singapore dance school (not yet ordered to take it down)
  • If I Had You:  Clydesdales and Dreamer Donkey.  Huh.
  • Music Again:  Sims.  
  • Soaked:  Montage of wet kitties.

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