Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nine Inch Nails community video project

LJ has previously mentioned Trent Reznor's blog and Reznor's thoughts about band marketing.  Today, there's an announcement about the release of a fan video project (Part 1 of 32 starts on YouTube here):
dozens of fans and a network of thousands spanning the entire globe pooled their efforts to create this professional quality ... concert film, and have released it in every format from Blu-ray and DVD to iPod and YouTube.  It combines footage from all three shows and includes DVD menus, bonus footage, a PDF booklet and more.  That something of this scale was produced entirely by fans, on their own time, purely for the sake of giving something back to the community, is absolutely unprecedented.
The result is a full-length concert edit of their Lights in the Sky tour.

(H/t to Adam's bass player (and AMA kiss-ee) Tommy Joe Ratliff who re-tweeted Trent 's tweet about this.)

This is the wave of the future, letting fans create derivative works freely.  (As I opined before, Sony was way off the mark when they made the Singapore dancing group remove their youtube video of the choreographed dance to one of Adam's songs.)  NIN gets it right:  support it, promote it.

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