Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Could not have been more wrong

I didn't think Favre would be effective: "He's old and he hasn't practiced," I said .  I was wrong; he's been plenty good.  Regardless of what happens during the playoffs, he deserves props for getting the Vikings there.

I remain ambivalent about this season.  The success seems merely purchased or borrowed.  That's probably ridiculous; all the teams' successes are purchased.  But winning with Green Bay's quarterback is just still very awkward to me.

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love johnson said...

It was very interesting being in Milwaukee over Xmas. All the Packer fans I spoke with were at first, very non-committal about whether or not they wanted the Vikings to do well. But after a few minutes, their true feelings came out and they are very anti-Favre. And 100% of them want to play the Vikings in the playoffs - and are very confident that the Pack will win.