Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Favre becoming a Viking is just odd. I grew up a Packers fan and I still root for them except when they play the Vikings. So I feel bad for Packer fans. And I can't get excited for the Vikings since I don't think Favre will be very effective. (He's old and he hasn't practiced.) It's a win for Favre's bank account, I guess and maybe the Vikings ticket sales will be improved for a few games. I must say I enjoyed his press conference yesterday. It's been eons since the Vikings had a quarterback who spoke in paragraphs.

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love johnson said...

C is somewhat torn about the Farve/Vikings situation. At first, she said she didn't really care where he went, since he's been gone from the Pack for a couple of seasons. But, now that it's official, she seems to have had a change of heart and just refers to him as a "drama vi-queen". I asked what type of reception Farve will get when the Vikings play in GB and she said she isn't sure - probably a big ovation when he is announced and comes on the field, then boos once the game starts.