Monday, August 17, 2009


At our family reunion in Bis, I had the pleasure of enjoying some perfectly-made scrambled eggs. Thank you, M. There is really quite a difference between well made eggs and poorly made eggs. I suspect part of the key is using a low temperature, but perhaps he could comment or guest-post about technique.

In the meantime, here's Julia Child teaching us how to make an omelette.

h/t Ezra

Every single time I've ever set out to make an omelette, I've bailed at some point and decided that I'd rather just have scrambled eggs anyway, dammit.

Update: I'm a bad blogger. I completely forgot that we made "omelettes" like this (and they were edible) in Bis:


love johnson said...

Have you seen Julie and Julia? C and I saw it yesterday and thought it was quite good. I knew nothing about Julia Child - I just assumed she was always a "chef" - I had no idea she was even married, was a wife of a state department person, lived i China, and didn't become the Julia Child we all know until much later in life.

They even show the famous SNL Julia Child sketch. I laughed so hard I was crying.

Stephanie said...

Haven't seen it, but intend to. Glad to hear it was good. Had heard Julia's part was good, but Julie's part not so much.

Stephanie said...

And I didn't know anything about her either; have picked up some tidbit over the last few weeks as talk about the movie have percolated.

Stephanie said...


love johnson said...

Actually, I thought the Julie part wasn't as bad as reports. I think the negative talk around that part of the movie is because going into it, we think we know something about Julia and we find out we don't. Plus, Meryl Streep BEING Julia - was Amy Adams being Julie or was she just being Amy. We don't know because we don't know Julie or anything about her.