Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trent Reznor on marketing for unknown artists

Not only do I love his music, but his passion for getting his music to the people (either live or recordings) in the cheapest way possible. Radiohead, again one of my favorites, used something in a similar vein with offering their last cd as a "pay as much or little as you want". I thought that was a genuis move - Trent disagrees and actually makes an intelligent argument against what they did...
"that works for one time for one band once - and you are not Radiohead".

Anyway, I found this posting on the official NIN website by Trent very enlightening.


Stephanie said...

Interesting. Thanks. Cassidy was telling people to go ahead and copy CDs and give them away so I guess his instincts are right. (I was thinking NOOOO, bad idea; you lose all control of the copyright.)

Stephanie said...

The tip of getting the email addresses is a big one. I wonder if iTunes gives that info to the artist/seller. Probably not.