Friday, September 11, 2009

Poster for 2012

Update II: removed the fake Brian May tweet.

The title of the song is Time for Miracles and Adam is mentioned on the movie poster (at the bottom).


I have kind of a thing for plaid. Here's a plaid generator:

You can add bands and select colors for the bands. The slide bars for each color affect the relative size of the stripes. Then you can download a .png of one repeat of your plaid (that you can "tile" in graphics software to make a bigger sheet of your plaid, say, for example, for a desktop background).

I'm doing this rather than reading David Brooks for a second time to figure out what he's saying.

Update to show examples:

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Not a great week - new update

I was remiss in not mentioning doctor appointment #2 that occurred last week. My personal opinion is that this doctor's specialty is closer to finding the problem than the other specialist I saw last week. Doctor #2 wants me to have 4 tests done before seeing him again - 2 of them are today (and I get to add a new specialist to the mix - doctor #3). The picture, I think, will become clearer by this evening (at least I hope so).

That being said, I'm in a weird mental place these last few days. It's frustrating not knowing what is going on with me, but it's a bit scary because I think it's going to be something more related to doctor #2, which is a much more serious proposition. And, if it turns out that it isn't related to doctor #2 and the tests he wants me to have, while I'll be happy that that whole range of stuff will be probably be ruled out, it doesn't get me any closer (in my mind) to figuring out what is going on.

I just have to keep telling myself that it's a process of elimination - figuring out what it ISN'T gets everyone closer to figuring out what it IS.

And for those of you keeping score at home:

doctor #1 - specialist that if it falls here isn't that serious of a deal.
doctor #2 - specialist that if it falls here is a more serious deal.
doctor #3 - specialist that if it falls here is a more serious deal.