Friday, December 07, 2007

W's sub-prime bailout plan disaster

Four points from City Journal’s Nicole Gelinas in the NY Post:

[1] It's a mass-scale payment from city and state taxpayers to banks and big investors - institutions that should have known they risked a huge loss from lending on such an unsustainable basis.

[2] By encouraging people to stay in homes they can't afford, the plan keeps the housing market artificially high. When a bank forecloses on a home, conversely, someone else can buy it at a much cheaper price.

[3] The Bush plan encourages foolish local-level borrowing. City and state have limited funds; they should raise bonds only for crucial capital projects, like building and fixing roads, bridges, tunnels, schools and subway systems. Any money the government raises to bail out a homeowner who made a bad decision is money taken directly from fixing a pothole-scarred road or an aging bridge.

[4] Encouraging city and state governments to guarantee new mortgages for precarious borrowers puts the credit ratings of those governments at grave risk.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Romney speech not in Houston!

The speech was not in Houston as too many of my conservative blogger colleagues seem to be saying. It was in College Station.

Kudlow may think the market likes it....

The Bush rescue plan for the subprime loans, that is, but if I'm going to be true to my own self, then I have to say that Bush should let the market sort it out. Here's Kudlow's sentiment. As always, it's the unintended consequences that worry me.

Colt 45, Colt 32 and Colt 25 bleg

Three of the handguns my dad left me after his passing in August are the Colt .45, .32 and .25. Anyone out there know an online site at which I can purchase additional magazines?

Narnia...Prince Caspian

Watched the trailer at Hot Air. Looks great. I can't really remember the story though. I'll have to reread before May.

In the early bit, there is a shot of the Underground with a sign showing the "Way Out."

I recall my first trip to London. On my first day there I asked directions to some location. The advice was to go "way out." I thought that meant to go a great distance and so missed my turn by about three blocks.

Skyline High v. Plano

On Saturday in what I believe are the "regionals." My colleague in the office next to mine graduated from Plano High a few years before I graduated from Skyline. I have to find some "Columbia Blue" to wear tomorrow (I don't think I have any scarlet.)

Tony Blair's faith

From the Boston Globe’s and JWR’s Jeff Jacoby on Tony Blair’s mixing of British politics and his Christianity:

It was on Sunday that the Romney campaign announced the forthcoming speech, saying the candidate would discuss how his "own faith would inform his presidency if he were elected." On the same day in Britain, as it happened, the BBC broadcast an interview with former prime minister Tony Blair, who said that his Christian faith had been "hugely important" to him during his 10 years in power — but that he had felt constrained to keep it a secret for fear of being thought a crackpot.

"It's difficult to talk about religious faith in our political system," Blair said. "If you are in the American political system . . . you can talk about religious faith and people say, 'Yes, that's fair enough,' and it is something they respond to quite naturally. You talk about it in our system and, frankly, people do think you're a nutter."

Apparently that was more than Blair was willing to risk. The fear of being thought ridiculous was why his press secretary had snapped, "We don't do G-d," when an American reporter asked the prime minister about his religious views in 2003. It was why Blair's advisers vehemently protested when he wanted to end a televised speech on the eve of the Iraq war with the words "G-d bless you." American presidents routinely invoke G-d's blessing on the nation, but Blair's spinmasters warned him against offending "people who don't want chaplains pushing stuff down their throats." (Blair told his flacks they were "the most unG-dly lot," but bowed to their demand and ended the speech with a limp "thank you.")

I have vague memories of Blair's having a spiritual side but never would have thought he considered it "hugely important."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Saving Grace and Holly Hunter

Rebecca Cusey at NRO on Saving Grace:

Nonetheless, Saving Grace is a gripping show. It works because Holly Hunter infuses Grace with life, because of rich and engaging storylines, and because of strong characters. At the heart of the show, Grace’s choice is one rarely touched by modern storytelling, but one of the greatest dramas of life. A woman clings to her selfish habits and self-destructive crutches even though God wants better for her. Will she submit or will she wrestle with the angel until His patience runs out?

Me, on the same subject here:

I'm interested because faith is so little explored on television. I'm also interested because the hard living is pretty explicitly shown.I hope this will be a serious inquiry and not just salacious television. We'll see.

I missed Monday night's opener but will watch on the internet tonight.

Update: watched the episode...still like it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Skyline continues...

The game was on the radio here in Austin due to the Round Rock connection. Skyline wins after a sleepy first half. From the DMN on that salty defense:

Skyline's defense allowed only two first downs and made Round Rock punt four times in the second half. Round Rock (8-5) turned the ball over on downs with 58 seconds to play after Skyline held Zack Pate inches short of a first down after a reception.