Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Saving Grace and Holly Hunter

Rebecca Cusey at NRO on Saving Grace:

Nonetheless, Saving Grace is a gripping show. It works because Holly Hunter infuses Grace with life, because of rich and engaging storylines, and because of strong characters. At the heart of the show, Grace’s choice is one rarely touched by modern storytelling, but one of the greatest dramas of life. A woman clings to her selfish habits and self-destructive crutches even though God wants better for her. Will she submit or will she wrestle with the angel until His patience runs out?

Me, on the same subject here:

I'm interested because faith is so little explored on television. I'm also interested because the hard living is pretty explicitly shown.I hope this will be a serious inquiry and not just salacious television. We'll see.

I missed Monday night's opener but will watch on the internet tonight.

Update: watched the episode...still like it.

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