Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy to be a Lawyer this day before Thanksgiving

In about 20 minutes I'm heading to a walk-through of two newly constructed homes. On behalf of a client of mine, if all goes well, we will close on the purchase of the two homes on Monday.

What's the big deal? My client is purchasing the two homes to provide housing to Katrina evacuees. Yes, FEMA has extended the hotel vouchers for another month but that can't go on forever.

Special thanks to Foundation Communities, for assistance in finding the families for the homes and creating the program which, if all goes well, will have these families on their feet financially and purchasing these homes in two or three years.

Special thanks to my client as well. Your generosity is extraordinary.

Update: finished the walk-though and the houses are beautiful. These will be tow very fortunate families, indeed.

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