Monday, January 23, 2006

Carmine said two boys; here are three.

I meant to get this up before he posted but didn't. We welcome "Love Johnson" to SSJ. (Scooter: I didn't think I had to say anything to him about his screen name, but clearly I did. Sorry.)

I intended to say a little bit about "LJ" and what to expect but his post speaks for itself. I'll add that LJ is an old friend of ours (30-plus years for me and about 20 for Scooter) and in addition to a definite lefty bent, he has a decidedly conspiratorial worldview.

Two comments LJ: (1) proofread (you seem to have a "shall" where you wanted "say;" (2) mix in a dictionary occasionally (it's "elicit" not "illicit").*

Hey, if we can't hold each other up for public ridicule, what's the point?

Anyway, welcome LJ. I'm looking forward to an interesting discussion. (Yes I intend to post more often.)

*This is going to come back to bite me. Hard. I dislike proofing, can't spell worth a damn, and my spell checker doesn't work.

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