Sunday, January 27, 2008

Genius? Victor Davis Hanson on Rush Limbaugh

From VDH's (my recollection is that he is a traditional California Democrat) Pajamas Media Blog at the bottom:

We also forget that Limbaugh is not just a pundit, but a gifted comedian. His impersonations and imitations are in the first rank of comedians. Note the recent writers’ strike shut down or emasculated lesser talents like Leno, Letterman, and Maher, but reminded us that Limbaugh daily, for three hours non-stop can do his own material. He had all the requisite talents—quick wit, well read, good memory, excellent delivery, and a comic sense.

The Left never saw that. They thought offering up antithetical shows would do the trick, not understanding that Rush succeeded wildly, not just because of his commentary, but because he really is a gifted entertainer, a sort of combination Jack Benny, Lenny Bruce, Don Rickles, and Rich Little all in one, with the insight of a Buckley or Novak. Really a gifted guy. If he bit his lip Clinton-style or socialized with the literati, or didn’t have to do ads, he would be considered by critics as the genius that he really is.

Holy smokes! "Lesser talents" and a combo of Benny, Bruce, Rickles, Little, Buckley [his political dad], and Novak? I've listened with relish since my days in the late 80's when I was on the road in SE Texas constantly. Listened to one program twice in one day with my ex (a liberal) in about 1991 on a long road trip and she didn't complain once. He spanked himself during the broadcast. He's an entertainer first but is at least in the top 10 for 20th century conservative (or liberal in the classical sense) influences.

Thanks, Rush, for all you've done.

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