Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Re: Tidbits

I still believe Rudy was the best qualified of the field (both sides) and thought he generally proved it in the debates but readily admit I thought the Florida strategy was a boneheaded move from the beginning. That is why I waited so long to throw my considerable political weight behind him.

Now, though my $$$ and March vote will go to Mitt, I suspect I'll be holding my nose in November for McCain for only one reason: they're trying to kill us. I'll just have to wait for judges (he could surprise here if the Gang of 14 was grandstanding and he doesn't care about having McCain-Feingold overturned...right), taxes, ANWR, free political speech and border security. He might be decent on spending and was always strong on Social Security (how did that win in Florida?).

It is Bob Dole redux.

Time to get out the checkbook.

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