Friday, September 30, 2005

Dem Contract with America [UPDATE]

Kondracke reports that Democrats are planning a version of Newt's Contract with America. I can't imagine that being a good idea. Kerry always referred folks to his website for details of his agenda, knowing full well that most Americans would yawn and never look. There was a reason he did that: the agenda won't sell.

I think Mr. Kondracke has it dead wrong.

If they really reduce their agenda to a dozen or so honest items that can be easily digested, they'll be shocked to learn just how far to the right the country (at least the red states) has moved since their heyday. Perhaps the MSM will be able to "interpret" the contract for us so that the agenda will seem more palatable but the blogosphere will not let them.

This could spell doom for those dems who've been elected to serve from the south and the west.

Update for anonymous:

While I do not know of any certain percentage of sessions the Speaker is required to attend, I suspect there are no such requirements since those rules are usually drafted by the party in power. Wish I could be more helpful. You might try looking here. Or here.

Moving to much more important subjects, blogging, Adams and the Astrodome:

Is posting on the internet half the fun? Sure it is. Guilty. Will anyone ever take seriously anything a dirt lawyer in Texas has to say? Doubtful, but there is the remote chance that someday I might have an original thought.

As for the Eighth Wonder of the World, anybody in the Houston area born before, say, five years before the move to Minute Maid Park would certainly have plenty to say about the 'dome. I didn’t even make it to my first game there until I was twenty-five…still, I was almost dumbstruck. If you’ve ever been to a little league game in Texas in August, you’d know how necessary the 'dome was. A great piece of engineering, then and today.

Most importantly: you clearly lack the sophistication necessary to appreciate the thespian skills of the late Mr. Adams. You probably think the French are wrong about Mr. Lewis.


Anonymous said...
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Michael said...

The present-day Dem Party can't have a contract with anyone because they are a collection of disparate special interests. There are no unifying principles except maybe throw money at a problem.

The sickness of the Dems is highlighted by Hillary's vote against Roberts. I know that she's a socialist at heart but also a crafty pol; she did this not because she thinks it's right but because she must cater to the radical well-financed left, whom she has calculated she must have to get to 2008.

But didn't she just recently take the top position at the DLC? How do the Clintons get away with this stuff?

TS said...
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Anonymous said...

If I may, I would like to comment on blogs. No disrespect to this one, but what exactly is the point of them? It is my contention that blogs are the way that the average computer user can be "a part of the internet", rather than being an observer.

Ever since A. Gore "invented" the internet, those who cannot go through a day without logging onto the internet have been looking for a way to be part of it, not just using it to read out-of-town newspapers or look at porn. Thus...the blog. A vehicle for someone to voice "opinions" or observations to whomever may stumble upon it, even though in a social situation, no one would pay any attention to conversations about Don Adams or the Astrodome
or whatever.

Blog this...why, when I watch C-SPAN, is the Speaker of the House never there? Is he even in D.C.? The only time I ever see him behind that big podium is once a year when he tries to stay awake during the SOTU. Shouldn't there be rule that the Speaker actually has to preside over a certain % of sessions? A certain #? Perhaps there is such a rule...enlighten me

Brian Hunter said...

Good, helpful page. Keep on going.

Best wishes

Adam H.

Anonymous said...

the French are VERY wrong about Mr. Lewis.

Scooter said...

just in case my sarcasm didn't translate well via the post...of course I agree with your assessments of both Adams and Lewis, though I did enjoy Adams as a kid.

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