Thursday, September 22, 2005

Is it time to turn my back on W?

I know that in a time of war and a time of one very recent and one pending national, natural disaster, this is probably the most inopportune time to discuss this but I am not the only one concerned about federal spending. Someone once apologized to drunken sailors for the comparison of their spending habits to those of the federal government.

Count me among Noonan’s dinosaurs; we’ve got to help pay for these things by revisiting the Transportation Bill and/or MORE TAX CUTS, if we can possibly get them thru. At least b---h about the spending as you sign the bills, Mr. President. Wring your hands. Complain.

Not turning my back yet; the war is too important. The tax cuts (now any discussion should be phrased as increases) are too important.

The Katrina relief efforts are too important (if they are done properly...a test to see if you really are a compassionate conservative, Mr. President...I have no doubt about the former, it is the latter that concerns me). We've screamed bloody murder for thirty, maybe fifty, years that handouts are not the way. Now is our chance to do it right. Get these folks on their feet and turn 'em loose.

Continued prayers for those along the Texas coast.

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