Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bork hearings....

You know, I think I was a young 26 year old lawyer during the Robert Bork hearings. I was fortunate to be traveling a lot in and around Houston at the time and was able to listen to the Pacifica affiliate carrying the hearings in my car. I thought I was really smart then but wish that I had the experience I have now, almost 20 years later.

I would love to listen to those today.

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Michael said...

As a clueless raging liberal (at the time), I thought Bork was a scary Neanderthal and didn't pay much attention beyond that. (The same crl sat through Gralia's Con Law class completely unaware of the controversy and the fact that Lino was one of the leading lights.)

Your post is interesting bc just a couple of days earlier I had seen a very short video clip of the hearings and wondered if the whole thing might not be available somewhere.

Having seen the light and now appreciating who Bork is and what he stands for, I'd love to see battle.