Friday, October 28, 2005

Scooter's indictment

I've not read it nor all the commentary leading up to it, and I'm not sure this is THE lie, but if Libby lied about the fact that Cheney told him about Plame early on (as his notes seem to indicate) then he was covering for his boss. Which, it turns out, he didn't need to do because she hadn't been covert for the requisite number of years.

While lying to a grand jury is a serious matter, his motives were at least selfless (cf Martha Stewart).

Query: Is the loss of Libby all that big of a deal to the White House?

Query two: Don't the facts that (1) the indictment is about only (!) lying to the grand jury, and (2) Rove was not indicted make this a rather tepid tempest in the proverbial teapot? And to query further, doesn't this take the wind out of the Left's sails AND with the upcoming strong nomination for SCOTUS, put The White House in the best position it's been in for weeks?

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Scooter said...


Irrespective of his motives, I agree that the White House is in pretty good shape. More so since Monday's Alito nomination. But take a peek at John Heilmann's article at New York magazine.

Apparently Cheney is not the Genius behind the White House pulling all W's strings (I thought that was Rove, anyway), it seems Cheney's myth "was more than little overblown."

In addition, Alito, "a barking-mad ultracon choice for the Supreme Court (one with impeccable credentials, mind you, in the mold of Scalia or Bork),” is a scrap thrown to the ravenous base and to change the subject.

At least he had the courtesy to mention the credentials.