Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Victor Hanson's Carnage and Culture

Just received my copy in the mail today and couldn't be more excited to get started. It is subtitled, "Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power." While wasting a little time at the office reading the book flaps, I noticed this paragraph:

"These [consensual government, free inquiry, innovative enterprise, rationalism, freedom and individualism] Hanson argues, are the cultural values that have enabled Western armies, often vastly outnumbered and far from home, to slaughter their opponents and impose their social, economic, and political ideals on other civilizations."

I happened to buy a first edition, something I don't normally do unless I've already read the book, because of my appreciation of his columns...hmmmm, that makes no sense...I guess now I need to go buy a copy of one or more of his books retail. Anyway, it's a first edition:

Release Date: September 2001

Just reading the book flap in light of the election last Saturday gave me chills. Pick up a copy of the paperback for yourself here at Amazon.

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