Thursday, November 03, 2005

Is OJ now searching for a thief?

The Houston Chronicle reports, "U.S. District Judge Theodore Klein ordered Simpson last week to pay $33,678 in attorneys' fees and costs" to DirecTV "two months after he was ordered to pay the company $25,000 for pirating its satellite television signals."

Wish I could say the title was mine...I stole the concept from a friend.


Anonymous said...
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Michael said...

This is not the time, but recall the remarkable difference in how the verdict was received btw the black and white community. I believed then and still do that it speaks to a greater divide than we are willing to admit or face.

Scooter said...

I agree regarding the divide... but am optimistic. Look at the voices that weren’t being heard (at least not by me) at the time of the trial: Connerly, Sowell, Condi, Delroy, Williams, Elder... I think they are making an impact. Watts formerly representing the right from Oklahoma. We need to get Swann in from PA.

Sharpton, Jackson, Jackson Lee et al are not the sole spokesmen any longer.