Thursday, November 10, 2005


Just got my Wiseguy (Mel Profitt) dvd set in the mail. For those who don't recall, it was a short-lived series in the 80s with Mel Proffitt appearing in 1987.

Ken Wahl plays a DEEP undercover agent and as I recall, there were about three subseries within the series...each subseries being about eight or ten episodes.

Mel Profitt and his sister Susan are Vancouver kingpins in the coke smuggling trade. Mel is played by Kevin Spacey and Susan by Joan Severance. Both characters were very quirky and the sibling relationship quite disturbing.

Can't wait to get home.


Michael said...

Didn't I know you in the 80's? How is it I've never heard of this?

Scooter said...

Tracy and I watched it a bit...when she was in Montrose.

I've rewatched now about five of the ten hours. It's very dated but Spacey is great...chewing up the scenery. And, it really seems to be a predecessor of a lot of the current hits.

Severance is Audrey Hepburn-like in her beauty, making the weird relationship with her brother Spacey all the more strange. Ken Wahl (the hero a/k/a Unibrow) is even ok, but his wardrobe is hideous.

Scooter said...

Finished watching the series...fashions still hideous, think Gere in American Gigolo.

Still, series a big forerunner of Sopranos and other huge hits of today.

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