Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Drill in ANWR

I hate when I don’t think of these arguments. This is also about Native Americans. Thanks to Tara Sweeney. It's not just national security and capitalism and cheaper energy costs. And this from me, whose only lib bone in my body is my green bone.


Avian Flu Canada said...
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Clia Toris said...

My response to: The Wisdom of Arctic Oil - The Luxury of Running Water by Tara Sweeney

The crazy thing is if we would have started drilling under their igloos - they wouldn’t have known what we were doing anyway. Remember these are people who, until very recently, used whale blubber, caribou meat and seal fur as currency. Who is claiming they’re owed something? Tara Sweeney- right wing stoolie? It’s not them telling us we owe them, it’s us telling them we owe them. Call it white man’s guilt or, if you’re a liberal politician, come up with something more politically correct to call it. Either way it’s ridiculous. Here is another analogy - to the Indians of the Great Plains (circa 1870): Relax we don’t want your buffalo (number one food and material source) we just need your South Dakota uranium. Do we really owe them? Did they have a practical use for uranium anyway? Catch my drift?
Oh, Hmmm, I get it. We don’t really feel like we owe them shit. We just want to pretend we do. It’s a sympathy play. Who is against poor Indians living in poverty? Not me.
Wait a minute. Just imagine that these really are real Indians jumping up and down on an ice flow chanting, “exploit us, exploit us, exploit us!” We ought to give them what they want you say?
Beads for Manhattan? If you would have polled the Manhattan Indians around 1680 they would have insisted up and down that they got a fair shake. (No thanks - we keep-um beads.) Arctic drilling as reparations? I’m not sure if it’s a conservative or liberal argument. No one told the Inuits that they had to permanently settle and stay around the Arctic circle. Plenty of their relatives headed a lot further south after they migrated over the Bering Sea thousands of years ago. It’s hard to feel sorry for them. Hey, life’s a bitch anywhere above the 60th parallel. Certainly, it’s difficult to make an argument supporting Arctic drilling on their behalf. Surely, someone can come up with something better. I know you can. Call me (email me - you know what I mean) when you do. In the mean time…

Clia Toris IV

Scooter said...


Sorry to have taken so long to reply...had to take a little break. Thanks for being our one millionth, ok, third reader.

Of course everything you wrote is true. Of course it’s a sympathy play. The idea of reparations is laughable (and I’d agree, too, with your comment that implies it is a liberal argument for a conservative issue). Unfortunately, too many buy into those types of arguments, hence the slavery reparations arguments that continue.

For me, this one is about the win. Drilling in ANWR, to me, seems a prima facie Good Idea, and I’ve heard no compelling arguments against it. National security, increased economic independence and cheaper cost of (or at least an increase in the amount of) energy outweigh all other considerations.

Of course Spencer Abraham has a dog in the fight but his comments in 2001 to the US Chamber of Commerce Energy Summit were illuminating.

Sallie Baliunas’s article at does a good job of addressing the most commonly raised objections.


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