Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Re: LJ and Oscars and 40 OZ.

Funny you should ask. Before the telecast, I had never heard any of the 3 songs (even though I saw "Crash", I didn't remember the song). So after hearing them Sunday night, I thought that "Pimp" was the best of the 3 (not that that says a lot for the 3 songs). I wish they hadn't changed the words though - it was my understanding that they had the OK to say "ho" and "b*tches", but decided not to when they perfomred it. I could have done with out all the dancing and stuff though.

And speaking of NWA, they STILL kick a**! And don't forget Houston's own Ghetto Boys!! They were even more hardcore than NWA.

Do you know who Nina Gordan is? She was the lead singer of a group called "Veruca Salt". They had a couple of hits. She is solo now and has an AWESOME cover of the NWA song "Straight Outta Compton". Check it out here (warning, the lyrics are explicit and are not bleeped).

Finally - 40 oz is correct (though I've never had one).

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Scooter said...

Never heard her (Nina's) individual stuff. I have heard of Veruca Salt but not sure I'd recognize anything. I'm still stuck in Exene Cervenka 80s.