Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let's go shopping - Iraq style

I had a serious debate with myself about whether or not to post on this subject. But what convinced me was my disdain with all things regarding politics. I understand "photo ops" (well, in the sense that I understand why politicans have them) and I understand "spin", but how stupid do politicians think we are. I think the answer is, and we prove it every election day, pretty dumb.

So McCain leads a delegation to Iraq and they decide to take a stroll around a market to "prove" how progress is being made. How much "safer" things are now.


Now, perhaps the definition of "safer" is this...before, you had to leave the green zone in a helicopter. Now, you can drive out in a humvee, walk around wearing a bullet-prove vest, have a company of soldiers sealing off the area, have snipers on roof-tops and have attack helicopters circling overhead.

And if that isn't enough to "prove" how much "safer" things have become, Rep. Mike Pence (Rep-Ind) comes up with this gem regarding his trip to the Shorja market:

"...like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime.."

I've been to Indiana, but admittedly not in the summertime, nor to an outdoor market. Guess I couldn't find because I couldn't see any circling helicopters.

Here is a NY Times article about the stroll around the market and comments by Iraqis.

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