Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The F-ing Cowboys

God I can't take much more of the sports talk up here. To coin a Jim Rome phrase, Cowboys fans are all myopian. And not just the fans, but the talk show hosts are giddy beyond belief and the SB spin is in FULL effect. An example...

Before the Bills' game Monday night, the general feeling was that there was NO WAY Dallas could or would lose. They were going to roll out and destroy the Bills. It would be over by halftime, that is how good the Cowboys are and how bad the Bills are.

Tuesday morning, the spin was that the Cowboys showed their true greatest by winning a close game. It was a good thing for them to play and win a close game. Nothing about how bad they played, nothing about the Bills - if one hadn't known anything, you would come away from the spin thinking the Cowboys played a GREAT team, played a GREAT game and won. A truly great team doesn't win all their games easily - the truly great ones play and win close ones.

Romo is the second coming. Phillips is a genius. Jerry is a genius. I'm going to have to listen to Mike Gallagher or my jihadist station in the mornings; Medved in the afternoons. Shoot me now...please.

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