Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prager on Coulter's anti-semitic comments...

Why are they anti-semitic?

Prager at Townhall:

What damage has she ever done to Jews? What is wrong with a person believing that it would be better if another person adopted their faith? Is there one liberal who doesn't believe that a conservative would be better -- "perfected," if you will -- by embracing liberal beliefs and values? Why is it laudable for a liberal to hope that conservatives convert to liberalism, but dangerous and hate-filled when a Christian hopes that Jews or anyone else will go to heaven (that is, after all, Ann Coulter's and most other Christians' primary concern) by believing in Jesus?

I do dislike the term "perfected," though, preferring the term "completed." And, neither refer to a temporal, physical or moral perfection or completion, rather a theological or religious perfection or completion.

Update: Medved audio with Coulter (ten minutes on Oct. 15) at TH.

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