Monday, November 19, 2007

Into The Wild

I went to see this today and thought it was fantastic. Reading the book, it was hard for me at times to visualize the isolation and the horror that is starvation. These 2 elements were wonderfully captured. It was filmed in almost all the actual locations that "Alex" passed through, which gives you a great sense of the adventure he was on. The film also includes a who's-who supporting cast that includes a great performance by Hal Holbrook. I was very pleased to read in the credits that the entire McCandless family was involved in the project, especially considering that the parents were not portrayed in the greatest light. And that Chris' sister was one of the narrators.

And Michael, if you have not seen it yet, perhaps this little tidbit might sway you. Other than a credit for "assistant to Mr. Penn", the director's name isn't listed in the credits (unless I missed it somehow and I stayed until the end). So perhaps you can "forget" who the director is.

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