Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kosher Coke

In Buzz on Friday, Lileks mentioned Coke made with cane sugar. This reminded me that I've heard that there's such a thing as kosher Coke that's made with sugar, instead of corn syrup, and it's distributed during Passover and maybe other Jewish holidays to kosher delis and such.

Jason at OfftheBroiler explains (in a post that has enough detail that I'm going to believe him):
According to Jewish law, nothing made with chametz (any of a number of proscribed cereals and grains, including corn) during passover may be consumed — so in order not to lose sales from observant Jews during that eight day period, a small number of Coca-Cola bottlers make a limited batch of the original Coke formulation, using refined sugar. Needless to say, stocks run out quickly and fans of Passover Coke have been known to travel many miles seeking out supermarkets with remaining caches.
He quotes this blurb from OUKosher.org:
Coca Cola will again be available with an OU-P for Pesach. Aside from the New York metropolitan area, Coke will be available in Boston, Baltimore-Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. This year, in New York, Coca Cola items will be made with an OU-P in 2 liter bottles and in cans. Other locations will have more limited Coke items made in different sizes. All these items, of course, require the OU-P symbol. Most of the bottling plants servicing these markets will designate the Passover Coke items with a distinctive yellow cap in addition to the OU-P symbol on the cap or shoulder of the bottle.

Maybe I'm out of luck here in Minneapolis, but I'm going to check it out, if I can remember next March/April.

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