Monday, July 14, 2008

A Million Little Pieces/My Friend Leonard/Bright Shiny Morning

James Frey. If you don't know about him and the Oprah controversy, look it up. This first two books are some combination of fact and fiction; the last is a novel. I would not have read them had T not suggested them. AMLP is an ugly immersion in a chaotic mind. MFL is a continuation of the story started in AMLP. It's not clear what's real and what's not so I'm not sure what to make of them. BSM is wildly different from anything you've read; engrossing; and ultimately, horribly depressing. Enjoy!

Be warned that Frey has an idiosyncratic writing style that takes some getting used to but in the end works for what he's doing.


Michael said...

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Stephanie said...

The scene in AMLP where he gets on the airplane in very bad shape isn't true. That much I remember from seeing the wrath-of-Oprah episode, though I haven't read his books. I was scared of her and I was sitting safely on my couch. Would not have wanted to be him that day.

Anonymous said...

Kansas she says is the name of the star.