Sunday, October 19, 2008

Re: Your party is evil

I've heard Michael say something like this and I agree, "Those like me on the right think those on the left are sincere and misguided." He may have even posted on the subject but I'm too lazy to search. His context comes from his own left-leaning positions of his younger days.

Having been a rightie since before I even knew what that meant, I don't have that context but I have many left-leaning friends.

But for a few nutjobs [and acknowledging we have those, too] I've never, ever thought they were evil.


Stephanie said...

I had not thought so about your party until it sent Palin and Bachmann out armed with the instruction to go McCarthy in their rhetoric. Do you believe they were freelancing? Do you have any problem with what they said?

Scooter said...

I don't care for the term "anti-American" but don't think it evil in a political season...not when we used to duel over issues in the past.

Stephanie said...

You take the "anti-American" label more casually than I do.

Michael said...

How about some America-haters?:

Michael said...

I have a letter, then a quote, then a comment. First, the letter:


As a conservative in deep-blue New York, I am often forced to listen to, and then try to make sense of, the liberal viewpoint. And every four years I rehash the same argument with friends and relatives: why red is better than blue.

But something dawned on me today, and Palin crystallized it. You see, I “get” Palin. And I “get” why my liberal friends don’t “get” Palin. But my liberal friends just don’t “get” why I “get” Palin -- and they never will.

That really bothers me.

Right -- old story. I believe it was John Podhoretz who once said, “All conservatives are bilingual -- we have to be. We speak both liberal and conservative. But liberals are monolingual -- they don’t have to be anything else. They speak liberal, and are completely ignorant of the conservative tongue.”