Monday, November 24, 2008

The Hanging Chad of 2008-09?

I wish it were my original prediction but it was Jeff Ward's. He is a former UT place kicker and current UT marketing professor and local talk-show host. He regularly blasts both sides of the aisle and probably considers himself a free-market libertarian. He is probably the best local host (on any subject area...his is not primarily a sports show) I've ever heard. He's the only local host I've ever heard give substantial time to economics and biz.

As of today, UT is .05 points ahead of OU in the BCS standings. Though UT beat OU earlier this year, it is pretty clear to me that if they played today, OU would win 9 out of 10 times. Still, UT has the head to head win. OTOH, OU thoroughly whipped the team that beat UT. My point being that this year maybe like never before, we may have the perfect storm that does real damage to the BCS. Florida and USC certainly can make their arguments. The Harris Poll and USA Today Poll results can be seen in the second link above and very good arguments can be made for those rankings.

I've heard that there is a congressman introducing legislation trying to declare the BCS as some kind of restraint or trade. A Utah congressman may be co-sponsoring because the small school Utah is getting dissed.

If the politicians are getting involved, can the lawyers be far behind?

Even our President-elect has called for a playoff system.

Update: Just learned the the BCS Standings is the tiebreaker for the Big 12 South if OU, UT and TT win out. Given the woeful record of aTm, OU should leapfrog UT next week and thereby win the South.

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