Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wasilla and Tom Gresham

My reader knows that I've become a certified "gun nut" since my Dad died about 15 months ago and left my brother, sisters and me several guns--OK, a bunch of guns. One of the things I've tried to do as a new gun owner is to learn as much about them as possible so as to be responsible.

After a great deal of practice I took the CCP class this summer and became a licensed carrier in October. I never carry (in spite of the "rule" that one always should) except when traveling because of my profession and all the prohibited places that I visit. Don't want to be the legal profession's equivalent of Plaxico Burress.

Another thing I've been doing is fanatic reading and listening to a guy on the radio/Internet named Tom Gresham who has a radio show called guntalk. He also hosts programs on Outdoor television (which I don't get).

He is as anti-gun control as you'd expect and feared the worst two years ago and fears for the worster now but is incredibly civil to both sides and I do admire/enjoy the program. I post this for the gratuitous reference to Gresham's program and to make an observation:

I think Alaska has about 700,000 people. I think that about one in fifty of his callers are from Wasilla.

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