Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sure, just like succeeding in the entertainment industry, popularity is a component of the voting in Idol. But no one has won who can't sing. Tell me Kelly Clarkson can't sing (from the big band night in Season 1):

And sure some of the whacky ones are looking for 15 minutes. But some of these sad souls really do not know they can't sing.


love johnson said...

Don't know anything about her - never heard her. I was just basing my comments on what people who watched every week and voted said. I would think that by the final 3 or 4, they all can sing. But I thought the premise was the best singer, not the most popular.

And I am somewhat surprised that I don't watch the tryout portion - I'm all about watching "train-wrecks" on tv.

Stephanie said...

Actually, the premise is not finding the best singer. Otherwise, they'd all be classically trained opera singers. It's about finding an "Idol" and popular appeal is part of that.

Tryouts are pretty dull.